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Walbro F50000112 5CA400 In-Tank Fuel Injection Pump (AOF216) Mercury Marine 880596T58 Low Pressure Mercury Marine

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Genuine Walbro USA  5CA400 In-Tank Fuel Injection Pump (AOF216) Mercury Marine 880596T58 / Carter Mastercraft / Low Pressure Mercury Marine 880596T58

Walbro 5CA400 Cross Reference

Manufacturer Part Number
AC DelcoEP108

AC DelcoEP109

AC DelcoEP110

AC DelcoEP115

AC DelcoEP117

AC DelcoEP133

AC DelcoEP134

AC DelcoEP138

AC DelcoEP141

AC DelcoEP155

AC DelcoEP157

AC DelcoEP166

AC DelcoEP167

AC DelcoEP175

AC DelcoEP176

AC DelcoEP177

AC DelcoEP189

AC DelcoEP209

AC DelcoEP210

AC DelcoEP236

AC DelcoEP240

AC DelcoEP241

AC DelcoEP242

AC DelcoEP261

AC DelcoEP265

AC DelcoEP270

AC DelcoEP271

AC DelcoEP306

AC DelcoEP322

AC DelcoEP367

AC DelcoEP375

AC DelcoEP376

AC DelcoEP381

AC DelcoEP400

AC DelcoEP72

AC DelcoEP78

AC DelcoEP79

AC DelcoEP99

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