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VW and Audi 1.8t AWD and 3.2 VR6 AWD 265lph in-tank fuel pump w/ install kit

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AUDI 8N/8P/8L/8J , A3/S3/TT Quattro / Golf R32

– AWD Version – Duel Pump Outlet –



The HFP-A36HV turbine fuel pump has been engineered from the ground up, and is guaranteed to outflow any other direct fit high volume Audi/ VW intank fuel pump, including the Deatschwerks® DW65V.  Note: This is not a Deatschwerks® fuel pump, this is an HFP fuel pump which outflows the DW65V and has a lifetime warranty.  Refer to the flowsheets below!  Additionally, our pump has the following advantages:

1. Except for a faint “wheen” during pump priming, the HFP-A36HV is nearly silent.  Many aftermarket pumps are are notorious for their loud vibrating “hum” during operation.

2. The HFP-A36HV can also be used as a direct replacement pump, without overpowering the factory fuel pressure regulator.  The advantage of modern return-style fuel systems is that they only use as much fuel as the engine requires.  Any unused fuel is automatically sent back to the tank via the return line.  Using a 265LPH pump instead of an OEM replacement will simply provide room to grow if any modifications are planned for the future.

3. HFP pumps are manufactured to our specifications to balance volume, pressure, and turbine impeller angle to prevent overheating of the fuel.

4. HFP & FUEL PERFORMANCE backs every single pump with a GENUINE Lifetime Warranty.  Deatschwerks® offers a 2-Year warranty.

5. HFP pumps are independently flow verified by RC Engineering and are guaranteed to flow higher than any 255LPH/ 265LPH pump on the market (flowsheets below).

Note: Deatschwerks®, Deatsch Werks®, are trademarks of their respective owners and are not affiliated, endorsed, connected or sponsored in any way to this website or any of our affiliate sites ; therefore do not be confused between Highflowfuel and Deatschwerks®.



Part Number: HFP-A36HV

Condition: 100% BRAND NEW

Installation Kit Contents:

New Canister o-rings, corrugated flex hose, 2 OE-spec “pex” clamps
Design: Intank High Volume Fuel Pump

Outlet Size: 5/16″ (8mm) diameter, 90 degree angled
Flow: 265LPH+
Minimum Voltage: 12V
Operating Pressure: 15-90 PSI – final fuel pressure set by regulator


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