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FP Fuel Pump Hard Wire Kit

Installing a high pressure, high flow 255LPH or 340LPH fuel pump in your domestic or import performance vehicle increases fuel delivery far above what the stock fuel pump was ever capable of.  But you will never be able to extract the full potential from the new pump unless you use a dedicated relay setup, commonly referred to as a "fuel pump hotwire kit."  Tests have shown that running a hotwire kit compared to your stock wiring can increase a 255LPH fuel pump's output by 60LPH.  A fuel pump hotwire kit's purpose is to provide consistent, reliable voltage to the pump, above what the old, deteriorated, stock wiring is capable of.

Our Fuel Performance HW kits include a SEALED weatherproof 40amp relay and socket, and 12" of wiring.

– A basic wiring guide is included –

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