QUANTUM Flextech 340LPH Fuel Pump Kit

Includes 40 Micron E85 Compatible Strainer & Installation Kit

- Lifetime Warranty -


Looking for an application specific fuel pump for your 600+ whp build?  Look no further!  Quantum 340LPH Flextech series fuel pumps come from the same proven source as other "BIG BRAND" 340LPH Pumps.  The difference?  We take the time to custom tailor every installation kit so that strainer size, hose length, and inlet configuration minimizes installation headaches.  FUEL PERFORMANCE & QUANTUM also back every single pump with a lifetime warranty, something you will not find with any other 340LPH fuel pump. 


1.Correct strainer shape and orientation ensures the pump does not suck air, fuel tank or cell can be run to empty just like an OEM pump.

2. Wiring pigtail designed to handle increased amperage draw of the 340LPH fuel pump, unlike competitors' wiring which includes thin/ unsafe 20 gauge pigtail.

3. GM/ Subaru/ Honda plug and play wiring harnesses available and included with pumps.  More being developed continuously.

4. Corrugated E85 compatible flex hoses included for BMW, custom, and GM kits.

5. Serialized fuel pump body guarantees warranty.

6. Flow tested by RC Engineering, the USA nationwide experts in fuel pump and injector flowtesting.


1. Four different inlet configurations depending on application; 22mm (3/4") center inlet (QFS-340FT) 11mm (0.433") offset inlet (QFS-341FT), 11mm (0.433") parallel inlet (QFS-342FT), 19mm (0.748") offset GM inlet (QFS-343FT)

2. 8mm (0.315") outlet w/ barb, 38mm (1.540") pump body diameter

3. Coating: corrosion resistant black plated steel w/ laser etched serial number.

4. Bypass valve (PRV valve) set at 125.8psi, significantly higher than both Walbro GSS series 255LPH pumps, and Walbro 400/ 450LPH pumps, a distinct advantage for turbocharged and supercharged applications

5. Intank/ submersible design, cannot be used outside of tank

6. May be used with return or returnless fuel systems, including PWM (pulse modulated systems)

7. Designed for gasoline or E85, although E85 may shorten lifespan.

8. Integrated check valve built into fuel pump outlet.

9. Lifetime warranty!  FUEL PERFORMANCE & Quantum has built its reputation on providing a lifetime warranty for all its OEM and performance fuel pumps

Current Draw:

  • 11.8 amps @ 43.5PSI (13.5VDC)
  • 12.8 amps @ 58.0PSI (13.5VDC)
  • 14.4 amps @ 80.0PSI (13.5VDC)



Supplied to FUEL PERFORMANCE Customers Worldwide!

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QUANTUM 340LPH Intank EFI Fuel Pump Toyota Conquest

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