Looking for an alternative to loud, unreliable, and expensive Walbro in-tanks? Try one of our FUEL PERFORMANCE 255LPH High Pressure in-tanks.  Proven reliability, verified pressure output by RC Engineering, and a Life Time Warranty! (unheard of in the performance fuel pump industry).  A key feature of our FP 255LPH fuel pump is the bypass valve , which is set at a higher PSI than the Walbro line, making our pumps especially suited to turbocharged and supercharged applications, where consistent fuel pressure is a necessity.  A clean sheet vane-impeller design lends itself to quieter operation compared to other 255LPH intank pumps.  Instead of the vibrating hum that is usually associated with aftermarket fuel pumps, our pumps produce a very faint "wheen" sound during priming (when the key is first turned on) and are virtually SILENT when the engine is running.  All of our fuel pumps are QS9000 quality certified.  High Flow Performance 255LPH pumps are the REAL DEAL!

This is the exact same pump we run in our FUEL PERFORMANCE Skyline GTR R32 & R33 GTR & RB25DET Powered 200SX S13. And the High Flow Perfromance  86 LX Coupe shop car powered by a Ford Racing 5.0L Coyote motor which makes 407rwhp/388rwtq.  Members on http://www.corral.net are using this pump with supercharged/ turbocharged combos making over 500rwhp. 


Refer to the flow tests below done by RC Engineering.  The higher the pressure, the more our pumps outflow their Walbro equivalent.


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HIGH FLOW 255LPH Intank Fuel Pump Nissan Sentra 1995 - 2007

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